Past Games

Find your lost... something! Unfortunately there really isn't much gameplay to this. I spent most of my jam time mentoring my students who also participated. So... go play their games instead!
A first-person tower defense game where you start out with a bunch of broken towers you need to fix. You can build walls with the scrap that the creeps drop.
A small exploration game about a little being who has crash landed on a planet and needs to find how to get home. You find some waystones that look promising.
You need to find your opponents and defeat them, but your energy is always draining. There are charging pads all around you where you can recharge, BUT!
A game about waveforms! There are four levels based on four waveforms--square, sawtooth, triangle, and sine.
Every 100 years, your family's homestead becomes barren. Climb aboard your trusty, burrowing beast and travel deep underground on a quest to restore the land for the next generation.
An evil bad man has crushed your best friend, now he's sending waves of drones and turrets against you, all controlled by the music he plays.
This year's theme was, "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." This game keeps with the theme, but turns it around.