Maxi Correa Schreyer

Past Games

A rebel ghost tries to scare away visitors from his family's house. Trying not to scare his own human family in the process.
Two honorable knights battle to death on an unstable lava pit... Oh! And there's a fireball!
El objetivo consiste en recolectar todas las monedas para superar el nivel. Ten cuidado de no morir por las ondas expansivas creadas por los UFOS (entre otros peligros).
Ready, set, EAT! Two wizards battle in this dungeon, with only one ability: to transform in what they think can beat their foe, by taking each ingredient to the magic cauldron.
Free Brawlin' is a 2 player fighting game where both players try to catch and hold on to a parachute. How to play: Try to get the parachute and activate it before the time ends.