Past Games

Help these bees to find each other in this messed up honeycomb. Rebuild your way through the hive tunnels before the time runs out. By the way, two game controllers are required.
Get your keys, find your buddy, look for your home, and you better hurry.
In the year 9936 mankind has discovered teleportation and uses it on a daily basis.
Competitive and cooperative multiplayer game for up to 5 players: 4 sailors vs Cuteulhu. The adorable Cuteulhu has emerged from the depths of the abyss and it's ready to consume all human soul
Everyone has to die, even software packages. Web browsers, text processors, video games, and drivers too!
You want to win, but you don't know which gate is the correct. Some may be portals that spawn the ball through a different portal. Some may be blocked.
As you start playing you build your own life experience. Every decision you take has a direct impact on the gameplay.

Hearty Games