Matthew Gatland

Past Games

i actually made this a while ago
Play now: Life in the citadel is harsh but fair. There is only enough air for one thousand and twenty two people.
A shootout in the space-corridors of Neptune 9. This is a team game for two players, but you can play by yourself too.
Get moving, run away from the heartbeats. You can chase or you can run. Get outside with your smart phone, enable your gps, get some friends to do the same. The heart beat will indicate the distance and change in distance between you and the others. It's tag but upgraded.
A boardgame. \ \ Emerging and adapting, newly formed life evolves on a decaying creature.
The city is collapsing around you. Rescue people from the buildings before they explode. Can you save everyone before the city turns to rubble?
The player character is decieved by a mysterious unimplemented foe.