Past Games

You are a car racing through a track, but it has fallen into disrepair! You must quickly assemble the track before the car crashes off course.
The planet Earth, outside in, in 2D virtual reality. Controls: Gaze controls: look in the direction you want to move (and the perspective will shift to follow your eyes).
Light Shift is a puzzle game where light is magnetic where opposite sides of the color wheel attract and similar colors repel.
A recently deafened audio scientist has dedicated her life to finding a cure.
An Arena based 3rd person multiplayer combat game, in the vein of a "Souls" style combat system. Has symmetrical maps with power weapons, all players spawn with the same available weapons.
Echo allows the player to dive into the perspective of seeing what they hear. Players can throw stones, allowing themselves to pinpoint where to go next through the sound waves emanated from impact.
A 3-D first person platform game in which a player must survive a test chamber full of a random toxic gas. Depending upon which toxin the player is exposed to, it will either slow down or speed up the player's heart rate. The toxin will also affect the player's speed and gameplay in general.
Our game is a puzzler based on gravity. Each of the five levels introduces a new block, which must be mastered in order to complete the level.