Past Games

Play as a child who has been trusted with the restoration of priceless art. Make that Monet, a Monyes, and create a collection of fabulous art pieces ready for exhibition.
Reconstruct inter-dimensional gateways and travel between different environments while looking for your true Home-World. VR Game, Bluetooth Controllers encouraged.
A meditative, puzzle narrative game about navigating personal relationships. No words.
"Home to you" is an abstract insight into the question "How do the decisions we make through life influence our idea of 'HOME' ?". This demo focuses on the -minor- dec
Microbiology game. Guide the little bacteria through the body to spread the infection. Find food, multiply, and evade the immune system.
You find yourself alone on an island in a fascinating new world. A powerful yet finite energy pulsates through your body.
On the high seas, broadcast your illegal radio tunes to the masses, while avoiding the marine police.
Observation Post Dodge Cross is behind the frontlines of the war against the Machines, but one of the machines just walked straight into camp. A visual novel.
You’re a plucky young high school student with dreams of asking out the most beautiful/handsome student in the class. But, your watchful teacher is standing in your way.
The yodeling pickle rhythm game. Are you worthy of your yodeling pickle family?