Past Games

Tornaire was conceived as a "survival gardening platformer".
VR game putting you in the shoes of an engineer, frantically trying to keep a submarine from sinking, as pipes burst and fires break out all around you.
You are a nature deity responsible for the Mayans! Keep their cities fed, but don't let them grow out of control. Use your powers to replenish the land.
It's a game about kaiju, puzzles, and LOVE!
Shellter is a game about a turtle fighting off predators as he makes his way back to his beloved family.
You are a kitty who's fallen out of his cat tree and needs to climb back up to make his way home. Use A or L (or DK bongo drums) to jump left or right and climb the cat tree and get back home!
Two angry houses battle to the death (2v2). Take control of different stations around the house, such as thrusters and turrets depending on what's needed most.
A child tries to make their family happy by bringing joy to them, piece by piece, ultimately restoring their souls, and uplifting their spirits.
Meet Willy, Amy, Sam, and Danielle, members of the hottest new E-sports team, Team WASD. They’ve never met IRL, but there was an instant connection the moment they began gaming together.

Hearty Games