Past Games

Play as a sentient Radio that mind controls people to help you escape the house.
A rhythm drum game where you hit the drum on the beat, improvise your pattern, and avoid the inharmonious notes. Follow the ritual of the TiBeatan monk to achieve ultimate musical enlightenment!
4 Kids imagine and adventure in there back yard to slay the dragon.
You are Late for Class. Get To Class. Its not always as easy as it looks. See in game help for controls This game was developed around how we see the world.
A real time 5 player clue-esque game based in a nursing home. Players are randomly assigned a elderly character, and one player will become the aging murderer. In a fully dark house, with only a low power flashlight, and the creaking of the other occupants to alert you, will you survive the night? ***** We ran into some networking issues while creating this game, but if anyone would like to take a shot at getting it set up, go for it! *****
A two player co-op same screen game, work together with a partner to escape from what lurks behind you.
"Do you know how hard it is to be a game? I do. I am this game."