Markku Kankaanniemi

Past Games

In this dungeon crawler, you're an alien engineer set out to fix a broken god. But what might happen when you wake it up from its billion year slumber?
small experiment to learn Unreal engine 4 and blueprints.
Welcome to your first day at work as teleportation customer service.
A driving experience out of this reality.
An adventure into the fractured mind of an office worker in a dystopic, pseudo-historic society. Try to be efficient in your various tasks, but beware of stressing out.
Taavi's sauna has been burned down, and now it's time for the bears to pay. Old school FPS with attitude.
You are a ghost, solve puzzles to learn about your arrival and try to figure out who you are. Goal of the game: Gather all 6 (six) newspapers. The game doesn't end, if you want to quit: ALT+F