Marijn Zwemmer

Past Games

It's all about animals and their way to live together! The animals are moving around and if they're meet they will react with a like or dislike depending on their behaviours.
A humble pigeon just trying to make a living out of sending hate mail.
In 'Shipwrecked' four castaways try stay afloat their tiny raft and look for the shoreline in the middle of the ocean. Since the raft cannot hold everyone at once, the four need be smart...
After three dragonstalker magi and their elder became the victim of a dragon invasion, the cleric guides his apprentices in performing simultaneous rituals to fend off the vile behemoths.
You wake up in a white room. You don't know how you got there or where you are. You don't know what happened nor who you are. What do you do now?
Hack & slash