Past Games

Jesus is broken and you must fix him Credits: Niklas Gløsen Markus Lange Ingrid Olsen Ingvild Grotløkken Dexter André Osiander Menu music by David Wise
Ride around Australia in your mini-van and save it from the deathly fires!
A game about making sure all your plants are happy and getting everything they need Drag and drop the plants to reposition them. Drag the watering can on top of a plant and right click to water it
Your alien spaceship has just arrived at its destination - Earth.
A game about shouting, you need to connect two microphones to your computer "somehow". Adjust the volume settings for them and disable all other devices.
An endless ritual spirit collection game set in the lore of StoneHenge... spirits are drawn to this mystical place, but passage to the netherworld is blocked!
You must reach the goal with at least 10,000 points. You start the level with 10,000 points.

Hearty Games