Past Games

Two astronauts are in trouble! Their ship has been hit by an asteroid, and they are on their way of crashing into the sun!
A game about forgotten deities, transmitting their energy in exchange for soul power.
Be the first to charm your god by performing the ritual in this crazy physics based brawler!
A 4-player platform shooter featuring regular team-swapping, weapon-switching and crazy pressure!
GLINT is a FPS that explores the Confucius paradox: if you cannot see, are you even playing? We only see when we ARE.
Prevent your veins from being attacked by lactic acidosis by distributing heartbeats to the weakest veins. A human body is always in full motion. The heart pomps bloodcells through the arteries that find their way through the body. The player, as the heart, can allocate to what position these bloodcells should be sent. You have the option between several nodes and the heart can allocate oxygen to one node at a time. Unfortunately, the bloodcells are not the only moving thing. A body is often under attack by lactic acid, or milk acid. To fight this process of lactic acidosis, the heart should deploy the oxygen at the right moment to the right node. The pink acids that approach the arteries can be fended off by hitting them with the 'blast radius' that exists when oxygen reaches a node. When the acids touch an artery, the artery becomes weaker. With three hits, the artery disables. Watch the amount of arteries, because if too many arteries are disabled, the heart dies.