Past Games

Lost with the Ghost is a multiplayer game, divided by two teams.
Neverfix Station it's a train station that is always on repairs. Take a friend or three of them for a multiplayer 2-4 players co-op experience.
Dusty our small rock starts a journey to find his home, as soon as his journey starts he finds Weedy a little plant that was being attack by an evil creature.
Keep the balance in the woods. The Fire Spirit and Water Spirit have to balance their movement to keep the Ancestral Ruins in harmony.
Imagine exploring the ocean depths where not even a ray of light can reach. Finding a way back home, you and your marine have to face the creatures of the abyss with missiles and your new eyes, a son
Kind of Tower Defense Game, where you have to defend your ritual of elements. It is a First Person game in a 3D world.

Hearty Games