Makoto Goto

Past Games

Information Break is a 2D puzzle game with platform elements made during the Global Game Jam 2018, centered around the theme "Transmission". The game is about a small character that attempt
In order to protect the earth, we have to control the ship by beacon that is sending commands.
"Last Wish" is a very simple game about a cute cat that is about to lose his life, he's got only few hours to live but before he dies, there are a couple of things he wants to accomplis
We have just noticed a important thing.... It is. . .
"Heart Boiled" Our game is a lot of fall in love!!!! Players are Angels. Shoot heart arrow toward to people!! Players have to make people fall in loves!! Player 1 is one of the Angel, and Player 2 is another Angel. Players have to shoot a arrow to people for fall in love. It is required two persons. It is necessary for Player 1 and 2 are to support each other to shoot different persons to make them fall in love. Please make a lot of couple!!
This game's points are the \"running\" and \"break\" for eternal to alive. \ The theme of our game are \"eternal loop\" and \"Our previous behavior will be effected next action\".