Past Games

Missing instruction from title page. Press Space to start. Introduction: The beats of our hearts is not something we pay conscious effort to. Astral Beat aims to surface this natural function in an explicit, yet subtle manner. Points are scored at regular beats, akin to the pace of a heartbeat. This happens when “seeds” placed on unoccupied spaces Players are constantly cued in as the beats resonate in a cyclic progression; yet the fast pace of the game acts to draw attention away from these beats. In addition, players may capture spaces temporarily, which give players half the points scored. Players may then use these returned seeds to vie for other unoccupied spaces. The player with the most points after 99 seconds wins.
Chiro the frog prince stole tail from snake king VIPCOBER. Run forever or risk meeting the tail's owner!
This game is designed around the theme "Extinction" for Global Game Jam 2011. It is basically a game with a message about the Game Industry.