Past Games

Your cat got missing in a mysterious cave. Use your magic hammers to destroy and restore the environment and find a way to reach her.
Did you ask sometime who breed the monsters for the demon lords? Well this game let you breed and give your creatures for the demon lord, you're not evil, only you love breeding, and he want the
A virus has invaded Boom's home lab and it's making a mess! Help our hero, Boom, in it's quest to survive hordes and recover Power Cards to save it's home.
In a world divided by pure colors, a war takes place between the diferent nations; each one wielding the pride of their own color. From each nation, a hero rises to defend their people.
Wander through the mysterious corners of an unspoken land in the search for a second chance to live, just be sure to light the candle.
A game about Tesla and Edison Locket in a Build, where they have to work together without know who is the another one to achieve exit from there.
Joe is a man being judged in the limbo. He's convinced he deserves better.

Hearty Games