Past Games

Start Repairing Relationships. A sophisticated AI that generates therapy sessions of common problems in relationships.
The game is about an odd couple, a pink elephant and a small mouse.
2 players, one sees, one hears. The seeing player moves character, the hearing player shoots. Arrow keys move the character, A shoots left, D shoots right. Rescue all the kittens in the area.
Tandem Base Jump is a two player game, in which the players perform a tandem base jump. Unfortunately, the other player is blind and the other movement impaired and mute. They'll have to cooperate to survive. Controls: Player 1: You are blind. You cannot look at the screen. Put on your headphones and listen to the sounds. The heartbeat you'll hear will signal you where you should move and how fast you will have to do it. Use WSAD or the arrow keys to move. Player 2: You are movement impaired and mute. You will see the screen, but you can't control the player. Instead, you'll have to signal your partner where you think both of you should be moving. Do this by clicking on the screen in a safe direction - this will create a heartbeat that the other player will hear. The more you click, the faster the heartbeat and the better you will signal the panic you're experiencing.