Past Games

In the beginning, there was only the swamp, Jussi and Alma.
Travel by bike, car or train across the land heal nasty diseases with increasing difficulty.
Play as a bat, hunt for insects and navigate trough caves using your echo location, but beware of spiders!
A turn-based 2-player mobile game based on the novel "Dagon" written by Howard Philip Lovecraft.
Control a tribe of stone age people in a cave painting.
Short on money, you have placed a bet against yourself in a deadly fight in an illegal robot arena.
Party Game for up to five players! Learn the Secret Knocks, and open the door for your friends.
A Wizard attempts to steal an artifact at the center of an ancient maze, while its Guardian places deadly obstacles and useful loot to harm and distract him from reaching the center.
You control a light that travels through space and must avoid space dust and atmosphere or it diminutes. But the light also must enter the atmosphere to guide those who are lost.
Graphic Novel style Adventure of Riddles in Kalevala (Finnish mythology) setting.