Past Games

Pudim, Marshmallow, Jelly And Cookie are four "Friends" fighting to discover who are the best Sweet in their house. But the things start to get a lite chaotic.
Two Phoenix, One of the element of Fire and the other of water, transferring the power to each other they can overcome the diverse obstacles.
Game composed of several mini games that make players think "what do I do now?".
Game de desenvolvimento pessoal
Asylum Nightmare is a game where a crazy man tries to get out of an Asylum. In his way he encounters some doctors and monsters that wants to capture him, so he have to escape, hide and avoid them, advancing through the terrain of the Asylum until he gets free. // Here you find the demo with one complete stage. For the full game, another versions (windows and android), news and other games made by our team visit our site: -> <- // Game control: Use the tablet accelerometer to move the char to left and right. With a gentle swipe at the opposite direction the char executes a jump backward and with one touch on the screen he hides himself into a bush, in case he is in front of one.