Past Games

Hero tries to get out of a shipwreck before running out of oxygen. There are many ways to get through the underwater maze, some of them safer, some of them faster, some of them quite interesting.
Multiplayer Physical Card Game Each player represents a single party in a multiple party parliament.
One man's quest to regain inspiration by travelling through the distant past to find the one and only ... BEATROOT.
A game of life and death and sledding. Mostly sledding. Make your way through the air and perform awesome tricks to please the judges before you tumble down to a gruesome death. But you still get points!
Pandas are becoming extinct, because they don't know how babies are made. How to play: Click on ground to drop food, which attracts male pandas (and Doomins). Get a girl and a boy panda together to produce baby pandas. Pandas will eventually die of old age or poaching, so make sure pandas are born more than dying. Oh and don't let the Doomins touch the females!