Past Games

You're about to enter a game contest where you're in for the free augments, spoils and money, but be careful, do not lose your humanity!
Infeggtion is a two player strategy board game. One player takes the role of a virus-bearer insect that must transmit it's disease to a clueless chicken, controlled by the other player.
Two players (red and blue) take turns placing tiles of their color on a 6x6 board. If the tile a player places touches the tile of another player, it is turned into his color. When all the board is
It's the time to get into hell and start killing some demons with ritual gestures.
Your actions determine not only the future, but the past. Who are you? And what have you done to deserve your identity? You can choose interacting with people and/or objects or not to do it.
Everybody in your house is asleep and you need some money to go out to party. Find the way to the money through your lights-out house, but don't be too noisy or your plan is out!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Your heartbeats will guide you through this quest, if you hear them loud, you are in the right spot. Also, if you are doing it wrong your heartbeats will speed up as the closer you are to being caught!                                                                                                                                                                                                How to play ╠ Use your mouse to move around the screens, if you hit an object you will be penalized ╬ Left click with your mouse to use what is in front of your hand, if you use something that isn't a door or money you will be penalized ╬ Hold the right mouse button to use your cellphone light on the room you are, you will be penalized while you are using it, use with care!                                                                                                                                                                                                 Hints╠ You will be given a sneak peek of the house when you choose the difficulty level, try to remember the layout of the rooms. The harder the difficulty is, more rooms and more objects will be in your way ╬ There only is money in the final room ╬ The farther you are from the final room, the less you are penalized by doing something wrong ╬ If you hit an object with your hand you will be less penalized than when you try to use it ╬ At hard and insane difficulty levels you will not have the danjer level bar and also it is raining out there so it makes it hard to hear the heartbeats sound, and it also raises the danjer level continuously, be fast! ╬ At the insane difficulty, from time to time a thunder will strike, enlightening all the room for a second, but will also raise the danjer level                                                                                                                                                                                                    Notes╠ Danjer level in our game is a funny reference to the Danjer cove "typo" in The Curse of Monkey Island game ╬ Have fun!
This is a puzzle game based on Lemmings saga. The objective is to prevent the icelings from escaping the global meltdown. To achieve this, use the traps to crush the ice dudes on their way out to a frozen world.