Past Games

Collect as much toilet paper as you can while running through the supermarket. Try not to shit your pants about running out of it! Now available on Google Play!
Your friends are having a party, but oh no, something is about to ruin it! Find out how well you will do in this incredible poker game.
Lost in Transmission is a narrative experience where the player's decisions determine how the story unfolds. You get to talk to Cat and Bunny, who both have their own problems and personalities.
Shoot bullets by making shooting noises!
Inspired by the bus ride to the Finnish Game Jam/survival mode site, this game lets the player take the place of an adventurer exploring the wilderness beyond civilization!
Choose any .jpg or .png file and the game will generate a level based on it! How cool is that? Then you just need to collect all the balloons to escape it - what do you do now?
2 Player Game, Split Screen, You see the world from a cube's point of view. The camera will turn with you! Controls: Arrow Keys and WASD Try to push the other cube off the platform!
Turn based last man standing game. The game is played on one computer or iPad with 2-6 players. Each player has five seconds to make their turn.