Past Games

Una nuova avventura del magico pifferaio, alle prese con un'ondata di topi che invadono la città di Hamelin. Correte, sparate e saltate via per salvarvi dall'ondata. A new adventure of t
Wave4Save is a game about benefits of music therapy. Wave4Save could be played with 2 modes, with augmented reality or without.
A game that is set inside a world made of four colors. The player must discover how to escape from this strange world. It's a Graphic adventure, with point to click gameplay.
Defend the Core of Yggdrasil and save the Planet! Beat the vicious dragons, and be prepared for the worst! The powerful Yotun Frost Giant await you! Feature: -Intuitive and Simple Gameplay. -Well Balanced Challenge. -Three basic different enemy. -A cool boss fight! -All packaged for you in less then 20 effective hours of TeamWork! And this is only the beginning! Stay tuned for the up-coming version of Core Defenders, it will take new Challenge, Level, Enemy and Strategic Boss Fight!