Past Games

4 players turn-by-turn racing game.
Traditional Puzzle game mixed with Versus Fighting! - Where you kill your friends and revive your heart! - In this 2 Players games (1P Mode someday?) each player has to combine same tiles to create some chain reactions as big as possible. Each chain adds a disease to the player "wheel of joy and happiness" that he can turn at any time to send a disease at his opponent. All of the diseases are a time-limited handicap that makes the game harder. The higher the chain reaction is, the more effective the attack will be. With a lot of combinations, diseases and other possibilities to kill your friends, defy everyone to join the Sweet Therapy Disaster!
The game is about a player that open a beer then he must explode as many bubble as he cans to recover as much beer as possible before every bubble vanish out of the bottle.
Use the traffic lights to cause accidents