Past Games

**Oh no !** Nella Mandelson has been captured ! She is imprisoned into the impenetrable jail of 'Sarvax'. The hand of the King is comploting the extermination of thousands of innocent
The boat is sinking but there is still some pirate on board, trying to reach the mast to survive. Towerfall Ascension -like
Wave-based godgame : You must defend humanity against monsters, and preserve it from its own dark side by generating earthquake of various forces ! One-button game, 100% made in Python during the Gl
Notre éboueur de l'espace favori à oublié de faire réparer son bouclier thermique.
Arcade/Rhythm. When "Missile Command" meets "Rez"... a response can be "RSD" (Rect Sync Defense) -- RECTANGLES ONLY Gamedev Challenge!
Sing as the adorable whale Lucy to bring love to all depressed spacequatic creatures in the Universe! (A mic is required)
You are a voodoo warlock trying to accomplish a ritual, to do so you need to focus the power of your totems by clicking/taping them at the rhythm of your current energy color. Google play : https:/
Weak-end est un jeu Top-down, très nerveux où pour une fois vous aurez la possibilité de jouer le boss du jeu. Mais pourquoi donc?