Past Games

In the space era, you have to find the alien in disguise by listening to everybody's heart beat. Requires the unity3d plugin. Headphones recommended.
Run through time from the beginning of the ouroboro concept right into 2012 in a franctic paced game. Play it in your browser (chrome) or android phone. Every time you die, your son, your next generation will continue your journey. Try to make it to 2012 before running out of generations!
Guide the last male panda in his quest to avoid the extinction of the entire species.
This game is inspired on the frenctic task of a ggj organizer. You (the guy on the blue shirt with a lime) have to keep everybody cool. People are going to get impatient ang burst into flames. Your job: a race against time to calm them down. When a participant gets burnt out, he will dissappear and if you have. no participants left, you loose. The deception: although it seems to help, you can never win. Sooner. or later everybody will get burnt out (unlike the real life, when. everybody ended up being happy).