Past Games

Two planets, one target: survive. Try to reach the next waypoint, orbiting around your opponent, stop the motion exactly on the waypoint using the A (player 1) and L (player 2) keys on keyboard. B
Follow Kite's adventures in search of his bones!
Between cold snowy mountains and risky weather, find and meet with another explorer only by following the echoes of your own voices. Hurry before daylight is gone!
A co-op game in which two platelet team up to heal the wounds of a very clumsy individual.
A roguelike game where you have to transmit your lovely mood to your sad, depressed and angry enemies.
1-VS-1 GONG-MATCH - Constantly hiding in the shadows two Ninja trainees have to beat each other tricking their rival in getting hit by a gong soundwave!
Two tribes battle each other using evocated golem controlled by Gamecube bongos (or controllers)!
"What do we do now?" The players must ask this themselves continuously while playing this game, as they must agree on the direction to take at every single step.
Home E.M.M.E.R.D. is a multiplayer only arena where 4 robots compete in the struggle of cleaning the crazy Dr.
Game of Tongues is an arena survival game.
[#]WHAT[#] A multiplayer-driven infinite runner in which players, who move eyeballs colored differently, have to pass the control to each other to jump\cross over hurdles.
Heart Attack is a 2-Players game. The old man (Player 1) has a weak heart and just want to take a walk in the park. Player 2 just wants to let his heart to collapse. Such a bad person, Mr. Player 2...
This game is set in Castro. Help castro's ghosts being happy !