Past Games

Your kids have all run away! Catch them before the ground snakes get to em!
Home is where your hat is. Help Hattley find his way home.
A group of volcano worshipers are brainwashing people to jump in the volcano! You disagree and decide to make your way down with hordes of worshipers blocking your path.
Learn about personal health and fitness with your own kiwi trainer, Nau. You've got competition, though.
You are a heart on a rampage! Destroy as much of the city as you can before the doctors resuscitate you!
Help the lizard escape the angry bees! If you die, use the sacred power of your Ouroboros medallion to find the beacon in the death world and return to the land of the living. You must be quick while in the death world, because even the power of the Ouroboros medallion will be destroyed in time...
Defend your last herd of sheep before the species become extinct.