Lotta Andriesse

Past Games

I See You is a couch co-op game puzzle game. Get past obstacles by moving through the Dark and Real world. Only when a player is Observed they will go to the Real world! Have fun!
The game is about a T-Rex taken from planet Earth before the big meteor impact that wiped them out. Rex T the T-Rex can save the planet by taking care of the sock warehouse.
Paint Over! is a local VR multiplayer game for two or more players (Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest and OpenVR supported). You can also play it without VR headset, however!
A game by Team Birdbox about Birds building nests with Blocks. The player controls a bird carrying building blocks, by flapping its wings and moving left and right.
4 Player fantasy brawler, where priests try to stop the sheep from sacrificing themselves.
Your parent left town for the weekend and you've planned a real big party. When the party is at its peak, the fun is ruined when you’re mom calls to tell that they’re coming home early.