Past Games

In this network multiplayer game, one player plays as the character who is searching for a ghost with a flashlight, the other player plays as a ghost who hides in common objects.
This 3D Puzzle Platformer made in Godot Engine challenges the player to fix a fractured timeline.
In this game you play as a house. You wake up on the wrong side of town and need to get back to your lot as quickly as possible so no one notices.
A first person cooperative puzzle platformer where players use glowing orbs to mark invisible paths through a set of rooms.
A wave canceling game controlled by the mouse! More: https://nykolar.itch.io/fourier-match
As a rite of passage to get into the Ancient Secret Society of L.U.C.A.T, one must perform the initiation ritual after waking up in a strange room. How will you escape?