Loko Pérez

Past Games

Talos (spaceship) is navegated by 2 crew members: Lt. Cooper (human) and his right hand A_F4 (robot).
2 Hermanos que pelean por el testamento de la casa.
This game tells the story of Marly Depp, an individual with a severe psychological condition; whose two different, switchable (though both distorted) visions of the world, morph reality as a means to
This 2D platform game tells the story of a man lost in his own unconsciousness due to an unknown incident. In the middle of the Dark, a voice resonates: the voice of his Heart. Following his Heart, he must restore himself by regaining pieces of his memory. However, the depths of the mind are a dangerous path to travel. One must be strong not to be consumed by the Darkness of the Heart. When memory fades, emotion is your only hope.