Past Games

A two player game, one with a VR, and the second with the game manual. The recommended way to play is with neither player being able to see what the other can see.
Playing as a robot stranded in the Apocalyptic future
FAST, PACED, ACTION PACKED, EXGRAVAGANSA, MINI GAMES BANANA. Be prepared for some quick mini games at increasing speed. How long can you last
Casual board game utilising numbers and shapes. Find the rules here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19604cTjP-aFdeTdXYBtsG9Lh2b0ppA00rMDf7PaHNBE/edit?usp=sharing
You play in a top-down shooter as an adorable (slightly unnerving) fuzzy cyborg with hypersensitive hearing.
NECROMANCERS - FIGHT! Two diabolic ritualistic necromancer summoner masters are fighting to destroy each other. Local 1v1 with two controllers or keyboard.
Four player coop top down precision movement time management frustration and yelling simulator You play as four butlers who must help their insane and evil old master with completely random jobs arou
Shine your torch on the enemies to make them become like you. (ie, not murderous) Press K on the keyboard for mouse and keyboard controls, and Y on an xbox gamepad to use that.