Past Games

You are a guardian frog. Your mission is to get back eggs that were stolen by spirit. Quick, before the night ends and the spirit vanish with it. clic droit aim When aiming : - Left click throw
Survive the attack of Golems with your dodges and traps that you will build and repair with your weapon. The game is a Hybrid Tower Defense / FPS (see Orcs Must Die) where the player must destroy gol
You are a spaceship's A.I. . The ship is in its way to being a wreck. The thing is : people still live inside.
Hack'n Slash inspired by Diablo III highlighting the theme of transmission through teleportation, puzzle mechanism and absorption of the power of your enemies
[EN] You incarnate Luxhi, a little boy living in a colorless and unjoyfull world. By using simples flashlights over levels, you will have to lead our little Luxhi to the end of each level thanks to t