Past Games

Juan Calcetinez esta tirado en el cuarto, ayudalo a encontrar a sus amigos
The anthill was damaged by the attack of a horrible monster (a little bird).
Lleva el mensaje hasta la planta baja!
You are Wibot, a small robot who needs wifi waves to live, and you're lost in a hidden city. Your owners are looking for you and need you back before they get in trouble.
A multiplayer race in a lybrinth from wich only a player can escape the eternal doom, only the first one to retrive the required items to perform the escape ritual will be free...
Plataformer 3d in a Spaaaaaaaace Station
Use the arrows or WASD to move the characters on screen and discover which one is you .... but be careful you only have 5 moves.
you are a virus !! avoid the white blood cell as long as you can
2012, the earth is being ATTACKED!! every country has banded together to make a last stand and avoid extinction