Past Games

You are Pear, a robot living in a junk yard. One day you decide that living alone without a friend is no fun, so you go out looking to build your very own friend by repairing old robots.
You play as an electrical surge being "transmitted" across a set of connected nodes. Use the mouse to click on neighbouring nodes to move to them.
Plug the cables into the ports when they're flashing, and remove them when they're flashing. Get a high score.
Take of role of Lazy Inc. board members on they journey to get company out of financial hole by pleasing gods with animal sacrifice! Instructions: On ritual screen (you will know which one it is, it looks badass) you have to make boss match the figure shown in flameball over the bonfire. To do that use Q/W/A/S/O/P/L/; to control characters arms and press SPACE to complete the figure. Complete 6 figures as best as possible to please the gods!