Past Games

You're a young developer facing an important pitch for your software development house, but suddenly you can't find the button to unmute your audio!
Speed, drift, overtake and sharp turns, but be careful not to run out of gas! Initial-L immerses you in Old School gameplay and beat in Tokyo's meandering streets!
Defend your cargo train against a horde of hostile motorized enemies who want you dead! Under constant fire, keep repairing your train while executing maneuvers to get rid of the assaulters.
ENG: The psycho Dr CYRUSS broke the CORE. As a brave robotic arm you will be called to fix the central system with the marvelous "block chain nanomachines laser".
A short racing game that takes place in a living room where a kid has only 5 minutes to play with his cars. (He may actually have more than five minutes)
Home is where belongings of others are... Play as a thief and take whatever you can find in a seemingly empty house. Beware of simple dangers that hide the way to a very peculiar treasure...
Did you believe that hackers were only a group of nerds? Well, you're wrong!
A local-multiplayer fighting game where you control two salamanders by poking their brains
Awayves is a third person multiplayer experience where the players must find each other in a dark forest. The sound of their own voices will be their only guide.
Italians are very picky about food and they only eat in a specific order. It's a sort of “ritual”.
It's a game that explains a typical situation at GGJ Rome !IMPORTANT: The game needs two Xbox 360 Gamepads!
Push your enemy at the rythm! Are you so brave to keep the the beat and push all the enemy in the black holes? But you can gain speed only if you keep the beat, if you don't, you'll be pushed by your enemies!

Hearty Games