Past Games

You are the last remaining members of the wildly unsuccessful E.D.F., the pan-national collaborative military effort that was charged with defending the planet from The Evil Ziggu-Bot.
FACE is uncomfortable. Your skin feels weird. Explore a world inhabited by faces. The faces of previous players. Your hair grows at uneven paces.
This was an experimental project to see how music could be better incorporated into games. The players have the ability to adjust the pitch and filters of the song depending on movement and how well he follows the waves. It's a Kinect game.
Rubicon is an experimental game about our experimental approach to life. Each player plays only once, and his journey is recorded in a few short statements that appear in a figurative graveyard which new players will see before they begin their own journey. Just like how everyone has different goals in life, scoring in Rubicon is not a quantitative comparison, but a standalone reflection on the experience.