Past Games

We fix it fast, not well. Use the tools at hand to restore these paintings to their former glory. Click to paint. Mousewheel changes color.
Fight with up to 7 siblings over your nightly family meal!
Dodge obstacles by giving your vocal chords a workout. High pitch sends you up, low pitch down. Microphone input required!
Dispatch derps! Side - scroller action game! Controls: Arrow Keys - Move X - Jump Z - Grab/Throw Block Z + Down Key - Grab/Drop block below
Scan the 'heartbeat' of distant stars, listening for different frequencies to determine their class and solar energy yield (lower frequency noises indicate a higher class star). Energy is necessary to scan, hyperjump, fire and take damage (see below), and will be replenished based on the local star's solar energy yield. Pivot the camera around the ship and scan for high yield stars to hyperjump to, and enemy ships emitting a low frequency humming noise (number of enemy ships displayed on bottom left, if any) . Enemy ships show up as a tiny speck of light in the horizon, which can be scanned for and destroyed when fired upon. Enemies will eventually fire upon your ship, dealing it energy damage and destroying it when energy reaches 0.
while(alive) is a 2d platformer about an unfortunate robot left behind in Botlam, an asylum for mentally dysfunctional robots trapped in infinite loops. The robot cannot perform any function without repeating it, requiring you to program the right sequence of functions inside his while loop to escape the hazardous asylum. while(alive)features a challenging control scheme, eschewing traditional key inputs for a unique drag and drop command system, allowing the robot to carry out up to three functions at a time.
The world is ending! As a robot run through the crumbling city, but beware the falling debris! Ended up being more of a learning project/demo than a finished game.
Quickly cover up the greatest alien finding in the history of all mankind!!! Play as Agent John-Paul as he does the job others dread doing!