Past Games

Hey human! You have been selected to play the intergalactic games on Planet X! You must be so excited! So here's the rules.
Home Frequency is an horror adventure game.
Action ! Cooperation ! Treason ! Particles ! --- Three summoners cooperate and perform a series of rituals to reach then invoke the Lord of Hell himself.
3D shooter game with 2 players working together to escape from an alien ship. The first player, on PC, shall survive the waves enemies with his sonic weapon and progress into the ship. The second on
The year is XX13, and robots rule... Humankind has been forced to live in hiding, hunted by the cybernetic law enforcement agents. Just when all seems lost a group of resistance members infiltrate the robot city, hiding in plain sight in a crowd of civilian cybernetics and deactivating as many as possible. The agents must find and eliminate these rebels by listening out for tell-tale heartbeats...