Past Games

A gambling simulator where you bet on washed up cartoon characters in a horse race style mobile game.
-About- Living Maze is a limited display multiplayer game set in the fleshy tunnels of a living maze. Utilize vibrations and sounds to navigate to the Maze’s beating heart. Fend off enemies and race your friends through The Living Maze. Feel the pulse of the Maze’s heart grow stronger the closer you are via vibrations in the Xbox 360 controller you hold in your hands. Make informed decisions on your path by utilizing audio and physical feedback. Play with your friends. Who can make it to the heart the fastest or in the least amount of turns? Players require their own laptop and Xbox 360 controller to play. For more details see the multiplayer section. -Controls- A,B,Y,X buttons to try to move that direction RB+(A,B,Y,X) allows you to feel one direction per turn before movement. (use this to see if path is transvers able ) -Multiplayer- Every player must have their own laptop with Xbox 360 controller running the game. All players choose the same maze through the start menu. House rule 1- all players make one turn at the same time. Once everyone has completed that turn (utilizing the on screen turn counter) all players can then make there next turn. Player to make it to the heart in the least amount of turns win! House rule 2- Players can make turn as fast or as slow as they like. Player to make it to the heart in the shortest amount of time wins!
A blob that builds things with bits of himself.