Past Games

JAM LIKE IS 1995!! 2 players compete hiding medals for the other player to find, but also traps, bombs and decoys. The first player to find his rival's medals wins. This is a MP game.
Dos jugadores compiten alimentando a un jammer a base de bebidas, comida y droga. Uno busca romperlo para que no logre completar su juego, el otro arreglarlo para que sobreviva al evento.
Nothing brings us closer to home than food.
2 players coop game: each character moves independently, but the abilities are shared: JUMP, TURN /STOMP, SHOOT. Only Player 1 can JUMP or TURN, but when he does, Player 2 also does it.
Pong with repellers and attractors.
Two cults battle to the death performing rituals to invoke demons. Only one cult will survive.
Action Cards is a real life cards game combined with a videogame. Play the cards game and set objetives for your rivals to complete in a mini platform videogame.
Carlitos is on a mission: to open the "Great Object of Desire", the "Colorful Container of Happiness"...the DELICIOUS CANDY JAR. But the candy jar is out of his reach.
Two bikers in a race to Valhalla for their lives! 2 Player competitive greatness in epic pixel proportions!
Everything was fine in Eden, until bunnies evolved a nonstopable sex machines and started to over populate it. Your goal is to prevent them from taking over the place by separating them from their mates until they grow old and die.
You are a mime who has to infiltrate the mean lime ninja clan. Kill ninjas in the most bloody way possible. Use the limes they drop to get the limey tint to look like one of them and pass undetected. Use awesome, creepy, magical mime powers to defend yourself, or use super-deadly ninja stars against themselves.