Leandro Rodrigues

Past Games

Your dungeon exploration has gone downhill and the door behind you locks up. You start hearing creepy noises down the hallway, which is the first heard voice since the beginning of your exploration.
Pair up with a buddy and prevent your space boat from utter destruction by space shark. You will need to manage resources carefully, if three ship components break, you lose!
Protect your home against as many waves as you can Proteja seu lar contra as diversas ondas que vem
Seeing his home destroyed by human action, Roni the Rhino sets off on a race moved by revenge and destruction.
This is a game about a demon cat working for the evil Cathomet! Use the arrows and spacebar to transmit bad vibes to the happy Dog Village.
The game Poseidon is about the intervention of Poseidon to the whale hunt. It's a multiplayer game where you can choose between the Hunter and Poseidon and utilize powers to battle!
Game about making rituals to attend people`s necessities, kinda like a food truck, but of more... mystic things. Think you can be a better ritual maker than your friends?
You wake up on the shore, don't remember anything. You look around: rocks, sand, broken boats, and the mighty sea are the only things on sight, except for something on the sand close to you.

Hearty Games