Past Games

Surf up dude! Dodge obstacles, beat your enemies and discover the truth in this totally radical surfing game. Controls: WASD / Arrow keys to move Ctrl to shoot (in level 2 & 3)
"In a forbidden land of obscure darkness, those light of heart must pass silently and carefully to not disturb the shadows that dwell there. Your heartbeat can lighten your step and the dark passage ahead, but it will also attract those who wish to corrupt you." A small horror sneaking game for PC where you control your character through a dark, monster-filled world with your heartbeat through unorthodox kinetic controls. The game is like a top down maze, and you move with WASD. The quirk here comes from how you have to control the character's heartbeat with your own. You press your mouse to your mouse pad, wrist or eye to set the difficulty, and then hold down the left mouse button. The more motion and shaking your mouse detects, the faster the character moves, and the further it's light shines, revealing terrain and enemies. Though beware, shine too bright and the monsters will notice you and give chase! You'll start taking damage if your 'heartbeat' goes too slow or too fast. The key in this game is to balance your own heartbeat. You defeat levels by making your way from the beginning to the brightly lit exit.