Laura Lauman

Past Games

La nieve cae fuera y adentro hay menores y mayores a merced del hambre, la sed, la enfermedad y la desesperación.
Prota se ha infiltrado en la base enemiga de los malos de la película. Tan malos que no extrañaría que hubiese monstruos trabajando para ellos.
A horde of crabs are after your sand castle. You and only you can defeat the terrible brutes before they could suceed. Grab them and put them in the bucket, they are delicious as dinner.
You have to look for your other half heart. Show how you are, and look for the right one! Pick an activity and go for the girls. Then choose the one who likes you best.
You have to find five elements, and your only clue is the beat of your heart. With six different ends, and your actions will lead you to one or another.