Past Games

It's late at night and your parents are asleep...
Dug deep into the ground, the mole civilization has long kept to themselves.
Send a message back and forth Press R to restart, arrow keys to move. That's it.
You are a robot. You have awakened in a mysterious ruined labyrinth. You can not recall what purpose you were built for. Surely the answer is in here somewhere.
Dave is a pyromaniac that loves blowing things up. So one day he dons some armor and starts blowing up as much stuff as he can. The enemies represent different aspects of his personality (loosely).
Once every full moon, monsters emerge from the heart of the forest to do battle the only way they know how: with the hearts of other creatures. Each monster must make their way through the tangled, veiny forest, stealing the hearts from defenseless creatures and stuffing them into their own bodies. When all the hearts have been harvested, the epic monster combat begins, with only the monster with the most ‘heart’ standing victorious. The goal of the game is to collect the hearts of the most animals (and other entities pure of heart) to create the strongest monster. In the first phase of the game, players race to collect the most hearts from all corners of the game board. In the second phase, the monsters unleash their arsenal of hearts to determine which monster is the strongest.