Lance Sepanak

Past Games

In the year 3♥3♥, people need help with their broken hearts (ⅈ▱ⅈ)!
Have you ever wanted to build a house, but didn't want to pay attention to regulations? Like what even is a permit? Roof It!
A powerful item grants a player increasing energy or value the longer they possess it. Only one player can hold it at a time. Players fight for control of the item.
You are about to fight to the death for the amusement of children. Also, you are a piñata. Up to 4 players may enter the arena in this free-for-all fiesta of mariachi madness! Now go!
You must escape! But you need the help of your friend!
Like platformers? Hate being in hell? This is one for you! (minus the hell part) Duality is a fast-paced, anxiety-inducing platformer that pits you in a race against your own inhibitions.
Take control of Bullet - a white blood cell who occupies the circulatory system in a body. Bullet's home is under relentless siege from various illness or disease, and that pisses him right off. As one of the few remaining white blood cells, he's embarked on a suicide mission: Storm through the organs and sunder any cells that get in his way, or die trying. With a top-down perspective, players must navigate briskly through flowing veins and arteries while annihilating any foreign cells that cross their path. Upon reaching a major organ, Bullet enters it and must do battle with a terrible infection. Work your way to the heart and show the world what Bullet is capable of!

Hearty Games