Past Games

Soulich is a game where you play as The Lich, the powerful master of his lonely dungeon. Yes, lonely, because some heroes have killed his loyal friend, his dog.
You are an hermit crab trapped by an annoying kid on the top of a sand castle along the beach. Your goal is to man....crab up, pack your bags and travel down the castle rooms, looking for the exit an
In the wild space and stars, there is a mystery! An ufo going fast, in danger probably! Only a rocket survive, the fuel pure fantasy! Transmission gonna die, is just insanity! The controls are
A designer went to the Global Game Jam and found a piece of paper written badly and in fury. The message in the paper it's clear and terrifying: something at this jam it's going wrong and s
A child builds sand castles while playing on the beach to protect her treasure! A joyful top-down game in pixel art! Enjoy and relax!