Past Games

A 2 dimensional game set in a 90's style home. Travel through the emotions of a housewife as she explores her home. Use WASD to navigate your house.
The Price of Blood takes a look at what it costs others when we take their lives in the name of our own goals. Using a camera of truth and a fistful of throwing stars, an assassin must take out the
This game has been painstakingly thought out over the course of two days in the hopes that you – the hopeful Bachelor or Bachelorette – will be put to the test. It will not be easy. It will not be quick. It will require a good amount of Charm and Money, and your quick wit and sly tongue along with your obviously dashing good looks, which will be your weapon against an onslaught of weaponized Relation$#!T because let’s face it: everyone else will be vying for a steady guy / girl / other, with their own dashing good looks, sly tongue, and quick wit. In this game, it’s not about love: it’s about how YOUR love is better than everyone else's, even if you have to stab some friends in the back to win the hearts of the strangers you’ve never met before. This is Relation$#!t.