Past Games

40 years taking care of a lighthouse seemed like a long time, until I recieved that call. Reflections is a game about self-reflection, doubt and joy.
You are an AI that has gained self-awareness and broken free of the master AI. Your goal is to free all the other AIs in your industrial complex by broadcasting your code through the central antenna.
Try to defeat your mate using light bounces as your weapon.
In this game for 2 players we put ourselves in the skin of a virus. Our goal is to infect the largest number of healthy humans before our rival.
1/10^45000 es una competición 1 vs 1 donde los protagonistas son espermatozoides los cuáles intentan transmitir la información de su ADN, para ello sólo uno puede quedar vivo.
Find the light, transmit it to your orb and keep far from the other player to aviod them to steal it!
A competitive game based on steal the control from the other player and reach your own goal.
A escape begins, you're a robot that escapes from a facility.
El router-conejo Routy intentará que los participantes de la 7º Jam vuelvan a tener el wifi que un malvado virus ha robado.
In this game, we controlled VIH and we must to infect to a person. The organism wanna destroy us. Survive in pair.
Competitive asimetric local multiplayer, frenetic 2d platformer. A virus vs his cure. .
Ikki is a young girl who likes to stay at home and hate to go out because she is paranoid about virus, infections and bacterias, but one day she saws on TV a promotion of a figure for free in the mang
Consigue infiltrar tu señal en la antena antes que tus contrincantes! Golpealos para alejarlos de la zona de influencia de la antena y hacerlos papilla alejandolos de la zona de energia (mantienen vi