Past Games

Those careless smokers just can't stop starting forest fires by accident!
One bug's trash is another bug's treasure. kàffér is a 3D arcade game about bugs fighting each other like tanks with balls of dirt.
You've found the world's most dangerous object in your pocket. Get rid of it! But trading it away on the black market gets you more stuff you really don't want either.
Explore the ruins of an alien world.
Repair yourself
Make your condo merry! ​Controls: ​LMB to select / RMB to rotate
2 Player Versus Mode Prototype. A game with two hearts obviously had to have a Doctor Who reference in it ;) Place your hearts so your blood cells get pumped towards the other player's hearts to destroy it. Click LMB to place red hearts, RMB to place green hearts. If you click on an exisiting heart it will disappear again. I put about 5 hours of work into developing the idea and iterating the mechanic, just to see if it would work. So there is nothing else to see, no menus, no winning condition, no real end and also no hidden easter eggs.
You are the last player in the game world. Every opponent dominated, every flag captured, every battlefield conquered. There's nothing left to do for you but...